Land Assembly Information

The Cambie Corridor area is rezoning from large single family lots to higher density housing: condos and town homes. If you are a homeowner in the area bounded by Oak Street to the west, Cambie Street to the east, Marine Drive to the south and 12th Avenue to the north, your home is in this zone. These new changes may affect you. Be prepared. Understand the nuances of the Land Assembly process.

It’s likely you’ve seen signs for offers of Land Assembly all around Vancouver’s main arterial roads, north and south, east and west. Major routes like 25th Avenue, Renfrew Street in east Vancouver, and Nanaimo Street to name a few. When land is rezoned in these areas, your home, and the homes of your neighbours become extremely valuable to developers who want to create higher density housing on the land where your block now stands.

Offers for your home may come fast and furious from smooth talking developers. Make sure you are fortified against the onslaught! Trust in a realtor with a 40 year proven track record of putting the homeowner’s best interests first.

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